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Overcome problems and achieve your goals with hypnosis

Questions Hypnotherapy Glasgow
  • Would you like to feel relief from stress and anxiety?
  • Does having the ability to relax when you want sound attractive?
  • Can you see the benefit of changing an unwanted habit?
  • How much do you want to change now?
Hypnotherapy Glasgow
  • I have been helping my clients control stress and change unwanted habits since 2009
  • There are many easy techniques that quickly make a difference in how you feel
  • Hypnotherapy is a wonderful relaxing experience and amazingly effective
  • Hypnosis allows changes to be made at a deeper unconscious level
  • Learn relaxation methods to combat stress
  • Take control over things you would like to improve
  • Hypnosis gives you the extra help you need 
Hypnotherapy Glasgow

Unlock Your Inner Resources

Using hypnosis, I work in partnership with you to make the improvements you want. 

Conscious Mind & Unconscious Mind

Conscious mind is our awareness of what is happening at this moment and our current thoughts.

The unconscious mind controls attitudes and habits, some of which may no longer be required but will continue to run unconsciously.   

Hypnotherapy is successful in overcoming problems and achieving goals. It allows positive changes to be made at the unconscious level bypassing the critical thoughts of the conscious mind which can block progress.

Stephen Holt Hypnotherapy in Glasgow

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