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Hypnotherapy Help For Exam Nerves

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Exam Nerves Hypnosis
  • ​Are nerves hold you back from exam success?
  • ​Do you find it difficult to recall information in an exam?
  • ​During an exam do you feel physically weak or shaky?
  • ​Or is a driving test causing you concern?
  • Would you like to be calm and in control in test situations?
Exam Nerves Hypnosis

What Causes Exam Nerves?

When in a test situation we can sometimes perceive the exam as if it were an actual physical threat, triggering the body's automatic 'fight or flight response'.

This is essential if you have something dangerous to escape from, but this is not required in an exam situation. So if your anxiety level is too high, it can stop you giving your best performance.

Hypnosis for exam nerves

Hypnotherapy To Control Exam Nerves

  • In hypnosis negative self-talk is controlled and substituted by positive suggestions
  • Hypnosis allows relaxation to replace nervous tension
  • You are taught self-hypnosis, so you can be more relaxed and focused when required
  • ​The relaxed state achieved by practicing self-hypnosis improves memory recall
  • ​You access resourceful states giving improved confidence and motivation
Exam nerves help

Exam Success Help

By using hypnosis you are given the internal resources to build your confidence and visualize the success you deserve.

Hypnotherapy is used to teach you techniques to control your anxiety. This will enable you to be relaxed enough to improve your memory recall and performance, while allowing you to experience just the right amount of tension to perform at your best.

Get the exam results you deserve now with hypnotherapy.

Stephen Holt Hypnotherapy in Glasgow

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