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Weight Control Hypnotherapy In Glasgow

Overcome problems and achieve your goals with hypnosis

  • Have you tried diets but with no lasting success?
  • Do you find it too easy to give in to temptation?
  • Is it difficult for you to remain motivated?
  • Would you like a successful approach to weight loss?
A Different Approach Weight Control

A Different Approach with Hypnotherapy

Most weight loss programmes are based on changing your diet to a specific plan, which may not be food that you really enjoy. So you may successfully lose some weight, but as soon as you stop you go back to your old eating habits and gain weight again.

This is because while on the diet you are doing something that is not natural to you and it is also not addressing the reason why you are overeating.

Stress or emotional issues may cause comfort eating. Unless you change the reason for being overweight at an unconscious level it can be difficult to change.  

Weight Control Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for Weight Control

Because trying to control your diet alone may not be enough to lose weight and keep it off. Hypnotherapy concentrates of two main areas, breaking the overeating habit and lifestyle changes. 

The unconscious mind stores your past experiences and habits you have acquired over the years. So although consciously you may try to eat more healthily, there may be an unconscious block stopping you from achieving this.

Through hypnosis the resources of the unconscious mind are used to change how you respond, to encourage new healthy habits and lifestyle changes.

Solution Hypnosis Glasgow

Weight Control at Solution Hypnosis

Each hypnotherapy programme is tailored to your individual goal. The following is a brief outline of what is normally included in the hypnotherapy sessions.

  • Introduction and fact find on what you want to achieve
  • Hypnosis is used to change compulsive eating 
  • Self-hypnosis is taught (self-hypnosis CD provided)
  • Controlling over eating caused by stress
  • Changing the relationship with food 'the slender eating strategy'
  • Using hypnosis to boost motivation to exercise
Stephen Holt Hypnotherapy in Glasgow

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